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The world is changing and personal safety is becoming more important each and every day. Some are prepared, some think that they are prepared, but most will wait until the danger is at their door before they start to care about their own personal safety. Dont wait until a crisis is at your door, arm yourself with knowledge today.

Knowing what is happening in your State, City, County and neighborhood should be important to everyone, but in today's society more and more people are getting their information off of the internet. The media today will broadcast stories that will boost their ratings and their political views (using their influence and air time to push their opinions across the nation) and this could give the average person a wrong idea about what is happening in their area. Statistics from reliable sources (such as FBI websites) give exact data.

Please go to our page: "Smart Tactics Safety" for updated statistics and data provided by sites such as "" and "The U.S. Department of Justice".
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*United States Annual Statistics:

Home Burglaries each day:

Burglaries involving residential properties:


 Burglaries involving forcible entry:


 Percentage of all rapes during a home invasion:


 Property worth of stolen property:

Billion Annually

 Percentage of all assaults during a home invasion:


 Average dollar value stolen per burglary:


 Percentage of all break-ins & failure from the door frame:


 From the website: "Every 12 seconds a home invasion occurs by someone going right through the front or back door".

*From the website 


 To understand the world we live in, Smart Tactics created a page so others can see updated statistics regarding the hazards that exist in our world. It is TRUE that threats come in all shapes, sizes and ages and it is wise not to assume that just because someone is younger that it means that they are not able to do damage. Smart Tactics also uses to update information and statistics. It is a vital website that provides real data, real time and around your area.

If your home was targeted by threats, would you be prepared? Smart Tactics offers solutions to the possibilities that could occur daily in our lives and those possibilities could be harmful to you and/or your family. Smart Tactics offers custom courses along with NRA courses that cover a wide variety of topics:

Custom Courses include:
-Home Invasion Protection Course                            -Personal Protection Course
-Neighborhood/Home Safety Course                        -College Safety Seminars
-Professional Realtors Safety Course                        -Business Traveler's Safety Course
-Workplace Violence Prevention Course                   -Teachers Personal Safety Course
-Private Marksmanship instruction (for novice, intermediate and advanced firers)
-Much more... 

NRA Courses offiered:
-Basic & First Step Pistol            -Basic & First Steps Rifle            -Basic & First Step Shotgun
-Home Firearm Safety                -Refuse to be a Victim                -Personal Protection in the home

NRA Instructor Workshops consist of:
-Basic Instructor Training (BIT)                                -Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Instructor           
-Home Firearm Safety Instructor                                
-Personal Protection in the home Instructor

Other Certifications:
-Range Safety Officer (RSO)                                    -Chief Range Safety Officer

Smart Tactics offers courses and seminars for all ages and offer courses for "women only" when requested and organized and can customize the courses to fit the needs of the client. Private lessons are also tailored to the individual and are offered at a per-lesson cost of $50, which is about 1/2 of the normal cost of private instruction.

Become educated now, when you do not necessarily need it rather than waiting until someone is breaking down your door and threatening your life!

               Vehicle Safety

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 If you are looking for THE defenders of our rights, look no further. Visit the Gun Rights Attorneys at their blog site and gain valuable information. These are the “go to” people that have your 2nd Amendment Rights as a priority!



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